I have done 3 events with Pearl Talent Management DUNK THAT JUNK and the event in Lucknow and now another project with MTV. It has been a great experience they really looked after me, they manage things very well thank you Pooja and Tushar from Pearl Talent Management, i hope we continue to work together in the future. Thank you

- Randeep Hooda

I have had a great working experience with PEARL. Kind humble and an extremely positive team of people. Have enjoyed working with them. They have each time delivered great events and have great and unique concepts.

- Karishma Kotak

I'm more than happy to say that, pearl events is always a stupendous experience. Along with catering perfectly to the clients, even the artists are extremely well taken care of. Each and every team member is so warm and hard working. One of the finest teams I've worked with!! I wish the best for future endeavours. Looking forward to many more stellar events together. Keep rocking as you guys always do.

- Shruti Pathak

Hi, i am Mohd Irfan and i just had a great show in Vijaywada in the Kale university and it was cordinated by pearl events thank you tushar from pearl events it was a great event and had a great time performing there the people crowd was amazing all the student enjoyed alot and i had a great time perfoming thank you so much

- Mohd Irfan

Hi, this is DJ Lloyd at the Bombay Bounce, i m here at this great event organised by Pearl Talent Management it was a great honor to be associated and part of such great event company it was a very comfortable and very smooth and easy for an artist and i know what artist goes through these days but honestly a big up to Pearl Entertainment and all the best for the future

- DJ Lloyd

Hi i am Pooja Chopra and i have speak something about pearl events i dont know what to speak about pearl them because i start to speak about them i can write an entire book because Pooja and Tushar are such amazing people very friendly extremely warm so professionalist very very difficult i think to get such professional people in ones life they are so humble so friendly i mean whenever i am travelling with them........

- Pooja Chopra

So I just finished the shoot for MTV and is casted by Pearl Talent Management . The first time I worked with them and I really good time. Pearl really took good care of me, I think maine apni life mein itna paani kanhi ni piya jitna aaj unhone mujhe pila diya hai which pretty amazing. whatever I needed , whatever I didn't even need, whatever I thinking about also, he was already doing it. So it's really amazing , so I love to work with them again thank you.

- Anushka Manchanda

Hi, main hun Deepika Singh Diya or bati hum mein Sandhya ka kiredar karti hun aaj Pearl k sath maine TVC kiya hai Ujala ka 4 bundon wala Ujala or ye mera ek drwam project tha mujhe ads karna bohat acha lagta hai or ye mera dream come true kiya pearl ne or bohat maza aaya pura din shoot kar k | Bohat ache se manage kiya Padmesh ne or Pooja ne or main dobara aap k sath kam karna bilkul pasand karungi or agar kuch ho toh jarur yaad ki jiye ga.

- Deepika Singh

Hi, this is Arpita Mukherjee will I had a lovely event for Asian Paints with Pearl Entertainment and it was really really wonderful working with pearl entertainment, look forward to working with them again in future

- Singer Arpita Mukherjee

Hey watsup this is Shakti Mohan and i wanna talk about this amazing event company i know which is called Pearl Talent Management pearl team has been excellent to work with pooja and tushar they have been very very easily to work with and very very professional so i recemend and i absolutly endorse pearl team and i wish you all the best wonderfull working with you both and pooja is almost became like a friend and i hope we get to work a lot in future

- Shakti Mohan

It has been great working with pearl and i have had lots of fun shooting for Roshni International so yah i had great experience and i hope to work with tou guys again

- Elli Avram

Hi this is Soha Ali Khan i have done many events with Pearl events with Pooja and Tushar i have had great experience they have looked after very well and i hope to do a lot more work in future

- Soha Ali Khan